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Southeast Asia Organic Co.,Ltd. has its vision to develop organic agriculture in order to achieve sustainable development in Thailand. Since the establishment, in spite of running the business we put some effort on creating the project on organic cassava roots cultivation. The objective is to find the best formula on organic fertiliser in order to increase the productivity of cassava roots, also to improve quality of life of cassava farmers. This project has been greatly supported and cooperated by Chaiyaphum Plant Products Co., Ltd. and the District Agricultural officer.

After operating the project for a while, our Certification Body (BioAgricert, Italy) has sent this project proposal to the European Commission since year 2004. In year 2005, they have approved the European Commission Fund to expand our project. There are four sectors co-operations which are;

1 Non-profit Organization : Bioagricoop, Italy
2 Public sector: The Land Development Department, Ministry of Agriculture.
3 Education sector:
- Thailand University: Thammasat University
- Italian University.
- Chinese University
- United Kingdom University.
4 Private sector: Chaiyaphum Plant Products Co., Ltd. and Southeast Asia Organic Co., Ltd. (as a group company).

This expanded project has been implemented since year 2005 with more concreated methods. The private sector has partly supported the project with some prototype farms in Nakornratchasima Province in the Northeast where cassava roots cultivation are the main occupation for local people.

Expected results

1. Local farmers can apply those formulas to increase tapioca cultivation, by using local waste resources which following organic concept, while reducing cost that comes from conventional fertilizer.

2. These advantages can lead to increasing local farmers’ income as they can
apply plant rotation concept and not only rely on tapioca cultivation, such as tropical fruits and vegetables.

The advanced plan to achieve the company vision

1. Apply these research outcomes to organic fresh fruits and vegetables and also
more processed organic products in other areas in Thailand where each production is perfectly and suitably grown.

2. Provide the research fund to some students to do the market research in
order to promote and develop organic agriculture concept to other areas. Besides the development of organic cassava roots and starch production, we expect that there has to be the market for these products then any local people will finally live their lives in sustainable development concept, which is the ultimate objective in organic world.

3. Provide some fund to support any local infrastructure constructions in order to promote organic agriculture concept regarding environmental friendly such as saving the forest and support ecotourism.


Should anyone have some comments and suggestions to improve our project in order to achieve the objective of organic concept, please send your comments to our website.

As we see it, our job isn't simply selling products; we want to be sucessful in supply chain by providing
the best quality organic products and services to satisfy organic customers all over the world.

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